Canned responses is a set of ready-made messages that are created by you. By using a shortcut to send this ready-made message, you’ll speed up your response time to many users efficiently.

Each Agent is allowed to create and manage canned responses of your account.

Create a new canned response

Step 1: Log in > Select agent's avatar > Select Canned responses

Canned responses

Step 2: Select New Canned Response > Fill a canned response with a shortcut > Create

Create new canned response

Reply with a canned response

In conversation box, start with "/" + “Shortcut” > select canned response > Enter

Reply with a canned response

Some tips for using canned responses

1.Use easy-to-remember shortcuts

Canned responses are often used in certain cases such as greetings, thanks, quotes a price, request to wait, promotional information, contact information.

Create short and easy-to-remember shortcuts that make it easy for you to use when needed.

Use easy-to-remember shortcuts

2. Create a straight-to-the-point canned response

Users always want you to solve their problems as quickly as you can. Please send them short answer that is straight to the point.

Create a straight-to-the-point canned response

3. Do line break in a canned response

One canned response can be divided into several lines to help users easily see and read.

To break down a line, let ENTER

Do line break in a canned response

4. Keep canned responses personalized

Even when you're using a canned response, it's always a good idea to add a short personalized note at the beginning or end of the message to stay connected to your users.

Keep canned responses personalized

5. Regularly update canned responses

Changes to development. With each canned response, you can edit and renew it better to deliver to your users.

Regularly update canned responses