Manage and update user information

Last updated 2 months ago

User is the customer who interacted you via Subiz, including having conversation with agent over channels like Subiz chat on the website, Fanpage Messenger and Email. The user list is displayed in the first left pane on page ACTIVITIES .

On page ACTIVITIES, you can track and manage user list, activities list of user and edit user information.

User list

The user list displayed is the user that has been assigned to you. Alternatively, you can use the filter to search for users by segment and check the list of unassigned conversations.

A user will be displayed by name and avatar. The avatar of the user who is online (blue dot) or offline (gray dot). If there is a new conversation with the user, you will see the message and the time the message was sent.

When you click on each user, you can check the activity history of that user (in List Activities) and start the conversation with the user.

Activities List

When you select a specific user, you will see the user's history of activities and interaction with the business, for example, viewing a page on your website and interacting with you via Subiz Chat or Email.

Activities List

Conversations marked unread messages will display red notifications.

With activities that are conversations, clicking on each activity will display details in the interactive window in the third column.

User information

You can follow information's detail of each user including:

  • Name

  • phone number

  • Email address

  • Address

To fill in information for the user, click on the arrow below the agent's avatar above the activities list, complete the information and select Save Changes.

User information