Visitor Tracking

Last updated 3 months ago

How to tracking visitors?

Businesses can observe their website visitors, get the customer needs of products and service and actively interact to support them.

You can track visitors who are visiting your website at VISITORS page where each visitor is identified by a cookie on their browser.

Tracking Website's visitors at Visitors page

You can gather basic information that will help you gain crucial insights about your visitors and their behavior when they are on your website:

  • Avatar: Display default image of Subiz

  • Name and Email: Show City/ Province/ State name and Country or Full name and Email address of user that was previously updated.

  • Location: Show City/ Province / State identified via IP address

  • Previewing: Show page tittle which visitor is visiting

When click on each visitor, you will be redirected to ACTIVITIES page to create new conversation with that visitor

Make conversation with visitor by clicking New Conversation

How Subiz determine visitors location?

Identify visitor's location based on IP address

The IP address is associated with ISP (Internet Service Provider) and is constantly changing. Therefore, the IP address will be changed and different from real-time location of user.

Twice a year, Subiz periodcally updates IP address data to improve accuracy and commit accuracy to 95% of Country location and to 75% City / Province location.

Subiz identifies users IP address based on Maxmind data. This is the most accurate data of the world on IP address to Location and NASA also uses this data.

If the user's IP address is not correct, you can send a request directly to Maxmind to update it correctly: