Payment methods

Last updated 5 months ago

Currently, Subiz supports 2 forms of payment: Credit Card and Credit Transfer. Upgrading your account to a paid service after you have experienced the trial period is extremely simple. Just a few minutes, your account will be upgraded immediately.

Payment via Credit Card (Credit and Debit card)

Step 1: Access your Subiz account, go to Settings > Subscription

Access your Subiz account

Step 2: Select the package information

Subiz is a subscription service, which will be charged based on three factors:

  • Package Type: Standard / Advanced

  • Agent number: The number of person login Subiz

  • Payment cycle: 01, 03, 06, 12, 24 months

You just need to select the appropriate service package, fill in the information and click on Subscribe Now.

Choose the suitable package

After filling in the package you choose, click Subscription Now, the credit card payment interface will be displayed as follows:

Fill in the information

When you make a successful payment, your account will be upgraded immediately, and the system will send a successful delivery confirmation to your registration email.

Here's an interface that shows your account information when you've completed the upgrade:

Upgrade completed

After you have successfully upgraded your account, you can change this information at any time.

Payment via Bank Transfer

Payment via Bank Transfer is made in 2 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Access your Subiz account go Settings> Subscription

Step 2: Select the information of the appropriate service package and click on Bank Transfer, the system will display the amount of transfer and Subiz account information.

Subiz account information

The system will automatically display the corresponding Subscription information:

  • Amount of payment

  • Content of transfer

  • Amount number of payment