What available service packages does Subiz have?

Subiz offers 4 service packages including: Trial Package, Free Package, Basic Package and Advanced Package.

What is the best package?

After signing up, Subiz allows you to try the full 30 days trial most of Subiz’s feature. Then, you may consider upgrading to a paid or a free Subiz package.

Upgrading your account to a paid plan helps you get the most out of all the features Subiz has to offer.

Depending on the nature and model of your business, you may choose one of the following services from Subiz:

Free Package
Basic Package
Advanced Package

The Free Package will be suitable for small business or start-up business who want to use Subiz. You will not have to pay any fees for using this service pack, however, the features included in this Free Package will be limited to usage.

With the Basic package, you can use an unlimited number of types of actions Automation, 03 Rules. For small and medium business, the amount of interaction at one time usually does not reach 100 interactions, the client file is only in a certain audience, there is no need to distribute the conversation too much, then the Basic package fully meets the needs.

The total number of daily interactions are not limited, you can increase the number of agents corresponding to the best number of interaction requests for the channels received from the customer.

With the Advanced package, the number of rules is not limited. This is for large business with a large number of highly integrated websites, which require more conversational settings for different target groups. In addition, business can set up to 20 Segments. (Customer Segmentation) to categorize Leads and develop Customer Care and Marketing plans, etc.

As part of the deployment plan, the Advanced Statistics report promises to provide a database with in-depth analysis for enterprise customers.

See the detailed comparison table here.

Why should I upgrade my account to a paid plan?

  • Subiz offers paid packages at just $11.99/agent per month.

  • As one of the most essential, must-have tools for e-commerce businesses, you use Subiz live chat to promote sales, or customer care, to increase the level. Customer satisfaction in the long run.

  • Upgrading your account to a paid plan will give you the most complete, best of all features that Subiz has to offer.