Overview of Reports

In Subiz, all your interactive data with your customers is saved. These reports will help to check your online business, control the quality of customer service and manage your staff effectively. To track your Subiz's interaction statistics, you need to log in your Subiz account and click on Reports. Your interaction statistics can be shown in the following categories:
  • Number of conversations is counted by the specific time and each agent / a group of agents. You can see the detailed statistics of interactions, including the time having the most conversations, agents having the most/least conversation and channels working effectively.
  • Number of new users is counted in a time.
  • Sort and manage your interactions with users effectively. If you not only want to sell via online channels, but also provide customer service and technical support ... this statistical function will help you manage your online business and identify effective channels for customer support.
Therefore, thanks to Subiz reports, you not only see statistics but also build customer databases to manage your business, take care of your customers, and and create effective business plans.