Report of conversations

Last updated 5 months ago

Conversations Report

Conversation report gives you an overview of customer interactions on Subiz. You can make conversation report according to specific criteria. This database helps you to develop marketing strategies, do online business on various channels and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, promotion ... For example, you are implementing advertising on the Fanpage in 30 days. When the campaign is finished , you can check the amount of interactions via the Messenger channel in the last 30 days. Based on the statistics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of this program and make the necessary adjustments.

Report criteria

In the Reports section, you can count the number of conversations by Channel, Agent, and Time:ChannelsAgentsTime

Filtering conversations according to Channels helps you see how many interactions each channel: Subiz Chat / Email / Messenger

How to read report charts

After you've selected the criteria for report, you can look at your statistics as a chart.

  • Vertical axis: Number of conversations

  • Horizontal axis: Time axis (unit of time: date or hour depending on the time period you choose)

By placing your cursor at the intersection, you will see the number of conversations displayed at the selected time. Looking at the chart, you can evaluate the total conversations over time and see conversations at a specific time. For example: Report of Subiz Chat conversations by Support group in the last 30 days.