Report of Tagged conversations

Last updated 5 months ago

Subiz Tag is a feature that allows users to tag the interactions on all channels integrated Subiz. The purpose of this feature is to help agents easily manage and categorize customer interactions such as: Support, Sales, Promotions...

Thanks to this function you can manage interactions according to their content and evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion. For example, your website is running a "Golden Week" promotion. After 7 days, you can statistically count how many interactions are tagged "quote a price", "successful deal"... These statistics will help you valuate the effectiveness of the promotion.

Report criteria

You can count the Tags according to Channels, Tags and Time


Select the channels that you want to filter tagged messages:

Tags_ Channels

You can count tagged messages according to a specific tag or most used tags.

  • According to most Used Tags: 5 tags

Most Used Tags
  • According to a specific tag

Tag _Feature Request

You can select the time that you want to count tagged messages

Tags_ Time

How to read report charts

After selecting the report criteria, the data will be displayed as a chart

  • Vertical axis: Number of Tags

  • Horizontal axis: Time axis (unit of time: date or hour depending on the time period you choose)

At each intersection, you can see the number of tagged messages per specific tag at a given time. This will help you manage the interaction more conveniently

For Example: 5 most used Tags in 19th April:

5 most used Tags