Users report

See how many new users have access to your bussiness.
Users report shows the number of new users who have visited your website or had intersation via Subiz for a period of time. This is also the basis for marketers and managers to assess the overview of users and conversion rate of their Business.

How to filter data in Users report

In Users report, you can calculate your users by filtering some fields as Users Segment, Channel, User's attribute, Time.
  1. 1.
    All users are the total of users you have had since your Subiz account is activated.
  2. 2.
    User segment consists of 3 different users groups: All users, My users, Connected users
    • All users: are who have visited the website or had at least one conversations on Subiz.
    • My users: are who had at least one conversation with you.
    • Contacted users: are total of users who had at least one conversation with any agents.
  3. 3.
    Channel: There are 4 options to choose channel:
    • All channel
    • Subiz chat
    • Subiz Email
    • Messenger
  4. 4.
    Time: Choose a day or a period of time

How to read Users report

After selecting fields of users report, you can view a chart of users.
  • Vertical axis: Number of users
  • Horizontal axis: Time unit as a day or a period of time
Through this users chart, you can evaluate the overall number of users who accessed you during time period.
For example: Today, you have 329 new users. In the morning, users accessed you the most.