Managing rule's lists

When there are changes in the number of agents, products or channels, you should adjust the rules to assign conversations more suitably. Avoid overload for working process or assignment for a agent who not in charge that field.

You can reorder rules, edit existing rules and remove rules that no longer match the current requirements of your business.

You need pay attention and perform 3 things:

1. Reorder rules

Rules work with the priority order from up to down.

For example, you has two rules:

  • Rule 1: Distributed to the agent with the last interaction with the user.

  • Rule 2: Distributed Conversation.

When a new conversation occurs, the rule prefers to distribute to agent that has previously interacted, if no corresponding agent exists, the conversation will be assigned to the agent in turn. For the rules to work properly, click Reorder.

Only Active rules can work.

To reorder the rules, click Reorder.

Dragging rules up or down the list to their new position to re-prioritize them. Then click Save changes.

Reorder rules

2. Edit rules

Follow below steps to edit rules:

  • Select the edit icon beside the rule

Edit rules
  • Update information

Update information
  • Click Update to complete

You can change the Active/ Inactive status for each rule. Inactive rules stay in the list but do not work.

Update the Active status for the rule

3. Delete rules

  • Select the delete icon beside the rule

Delete rules
  • Click Delete to confirm

Confirm to delete Rule

Then click Save changes.