Agent overview

What is Agent?

Agent is the person who uses Subiz to work and interact with customers. Agent can be a Manager, a Customer Service Staff or any Officers in your company. Each Agent has their own Subiz login account.

Agent types

There are two types of Agent:
    Agent owner is that initially registered Subiz Account and has full of account permission.
    Agent member is that was invited to join Subiz by the Agent owner.

Agent Permission

An Agent will have 3 permission when using the Subiz account.
    Account Management
    This permission allows you to manage agent information including inviting agents, customizing agents or deleting agent accounts. You also can access the Payment Settings page to manage your Subiz package such as upgrading your account, purchasing more agents, upgrading your Subiz packages, extending your account and more.
    You can choose whether Agent permisson are "No access" or "Full access."
2. Account setting
    This permission allows you to manage Agents including Invitation Agent, Agent customization or Agent account deletion. And, you can customize account settings like Automation, Rule, Subiz chat widget,..
    You can choose whether Agent permisson are "No access" or "Full access."
3. Conversation:
    This permission allows you to export User data and view the contents of other Agent conversations.
    You can choose either Full Access or Limited Access one of the two permissions.
Agent Permission
Some notes on Agent Permissions:
    Agent owner will have all 3 permission of Account Management, Account Settings, and Conversation. Another agent can't customize the permission of the account owner.
    You can not customize your Agent delegation. Only Agents with Account Management or Account Settings are allowed to customize the permission of other Agents.

Agent profile

The Agent's profile is your Subiz login information, which will be displayed in Subiz widget on your website. When you fully set up the agent information, your image will be more professional and reputable in the eyes of the customer.
Agent's private information
Here you can customize:
    Personal information
    Subiz Login Password
Personal information
Subiz Login Password
Customize information: Change the required fields> select Save
    Full Name: Agent's display name in chat window Subiz
    Email Address: Agent's login email, unchangeble
    Job Placement: The job that the agent is responsible for
    Phone Numbe: phone number of agent
    Time Zone: The time zone where the agent works. Note the corresponding time zone setting on the computer so that the update data is correct.
    Languages: The language displayed on Agent
Personal information
Image change guide: Select Change avatar> Upload photo> Select Save
Change Avatar
Change password: Select Change password> Enter new password> Confirm
Button Change password
Change password
After successfully changing your password, you will be sent back to the login page of Subiz and logged into the account with a new password.
Agents can manage their own password. You can change your password as well as reset password in case you forget it.
Change your password
To change your password, follow the steps below:
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    In My profile page, select Change Password
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    Enter the current password, new password and retype the new password.
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    Click Update to finish

Reset password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by following below steps:
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Log in Subiz's account
    Fill in your email
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Fill in your email
    Click Recover Password
    Check your email inbox. In the recover password email, click on button Reset Password
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Check your email and select Reset Password
    Enter new password and click on button Recover Password
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Enter your new password
    Your password has been changed. Click on Login to login again
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Confirm successful password recovery
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