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Invite Agent and manage

From the main account registered Subiz (Agent owner), you can create more account Agent registered together Subiz and interact with customers.
  • Invite your colleagues to use Subiz according to the needs of the business.
  • With paid packages, the number of Agents that can use Subiz is the agent you paid before.
  • You can set permissions and manage the operation of agents.

Invite Agent to use Subiz

Creating an Agent account has two steps:
1. Send Agent Invitations
2. Confirm activation of Agent account
Invite Agent
Here, fill in the agent's information and select the right> choose Invite Agent
Fill in the agent's information
Note: Review the Agent Types and Permissions functions HERE.
The Invited Agent will receive a confirmation email confirming activation of the account from Subiz.
This agent needs to login Email> Check mail Subiz> Select "Join your team"
Confirmation email
When an Agent is invited without activating the account, the Agent's status in the Agent list is "Pending".

Edit member Agent

When you are granted Full access to Account Management and Account Setting, you can customize the Segregation or Lock or Delete the account of another member.
  • Inactive Agent account is you customize the AGENT STATUS to OFF. When needed, you can enable ON agent to continue using this agent account.
  • When an agent is a move to Inactive state, it also deletes from the groups and rules that the Agent is participating in. If only the Agent is in an open conversation, the conversation will be a move to the unread distribution list.
  • Agent accounts deleted cannot be used to re-register Subiz accounts.
Instruction: Sign In> Setting> Account> Agent List> Select Agent to Edit/ Delete> Select Edit/ Delete Button
Edit Agent's information
Lock Agent as follows: Select the Edit / Delete button> Deactivate Agent Status> Select Save.
Deactivate Agent