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Referral Program

This is the guide and the rules of referral program. Last updated on 04/01/2019.


Referral program creates the opportunity of cooperating between Subiz and partners (Agents) based on introducing potential customers to Subiz. That is way to help Subiz develop and you could earn more extra money.
When you are Agent on Subiz, you will have a referral link on your Subiz account, please share the link to your friends via many ways: Facebook, Email, message… If they have not registered immediately, a 120-day storage cookie will be recorded on their computer and during this time if they return to register, you will still be counted as a referral. Subiz also has advertising programs to pull them back to Subiz website to register.
Next, all your introduced customer who have just registered a new Subiz account will be taken care by Subiz experts. We help them use Subiz effectively and proceed to pay. On each bill they pay, you will receive a commission - as a thank you from Subiz. Not only the first bill, the following bills will also receive commissions. Because Subiz customers are subscribers and long-term use.
Please note that, this program applies to each agent individually and does not differentiate agents from any permissions. If you are the Subiz agent, you are able to participate immediately. Please ensure that you can login your Subiz account to remain your participation on this program. If you cannot log in to Subiz, we will not have a basis to pay you a commission.

Commissions and payment process

There are three commission levels as follows:
  • Silver: 0 - 50 Referrals. 10%
  • Gold: 51 - 150 Referrals. 20%
  • Diamond: from 151 Referrals. 25%
Silver is the default level. Subiz will automatically switch levels when you reach the next level.
Your commission will be paid by Subiz on the 15th of every month when the commission amount you earn reaches the payment level you set in the Payment Information Tab. For example, if you set $ 50 commision, then the amount you earn from $ 50 or more Subiz will pay you on the 15th of the month. Subiz pays via bank transfer. If your bank account is in Vietnam, we will pay in Vietnamese Dong and convert according to Vietcombank's USD / VND exchange rate.

Referral management

Subiz provides full information at your Subiz account - Referral page. You manage the list of referral accounts, the bills they pay, your amount of commission...
Details of referral history

Our rules and policies

  • You join the program, you agree to the contents of this Document.
  • You will only be paid commission when still have permission to login your Subiz account to access this program in your account.
  • Do not make any advertisements that compete with Subiz (directly or indirectly). If you breach, we will lock this program in your account.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I transfer commissions or referrals between two Agent accounts? No, you can not transfer any data.
  • My agent account is deleted, can I receive commissions? No, because then all your data is gone. We will not have the basis to do this. Please keep your account always active and you can login.
  • If my referrals buy more services of Subiz in the future, could I receive any commissions? Yes, you will be paid on the every bills of any Subiz services they purchase.
  • Is there any ways for me to introduce my offline friends? Yes, Subiz has a promotion code so you can do this. For example, in class, seminars, etc... Please contact [email protected] to get a Referral Promotion code.
  • If I have any questions, how can I contact Subiz? Contact us any email channel Su[email protected], Subiz chat on, or Facebook Messenger.
Thank you for cooperating and accompanying with Subiz!