Subot - Auto Reply and Ask user’s Information

This article explains how to integrate and use the Subot to reply to users on multiple channels and help your team acquire, engage and retain more customers automatically.

What is Subot?

Subot or the Bots on Subiz is an application on Subiz that helps automate reply and Ask users information. Therefore, businesses will increase interaction with users 24/7 without being dependent on people, converting potential users by asking for information and identifying specific requirements. You can build scripts available for Subot to act as: Automatically respond to users; Show "typing..." for at least; invite user to subscribe browser notifications; Ask user contact information.
Subot - Auto Reply Bot and Ask user’s Information

How to integration Subot?

First of all, you need integrate Subot into Subiz and set up the operation scripts for Subot as bellows:
Integration Subot
  • Step 2: Set up the script for Subot. Subot has been installed by default 4 actions:
+ Automatic reply after 4s texting users.
+ Show typing after 2s. + Please Subscribe notification on the browser and invite customers to leave contact information after the next 4s. + Display buttons Subscribe Notification and Save Contact Info after the next 1s
You can click on Subot to customize Subot actions, message content, runtime of each action or delete / add any action.
Assign Rule for Subot and agents
  • Step 3: Distribute the conversation to Subot
Go to Install Rule via to distribute the conversation to Subot.
Subot is designed as an agent, only when customer conversations are distributed to Subot does Subot work.
  • Subot is an agent, you can install for free.
  • You could change the name and profile picture of Subot via this link
  • Subot only works when you install Rule to distribute conversation for Subot or manually add Subot to the conversation.

Some application script for Subot

1. Subot greet and ask user’s request automatically

  • Step 1: Install the Subot script to greet the user and display in a state of typing the message.
Set up implementation script for Subot
  • Step 2: Install Rule distribute all conversations for Subot and Agents
Assign Rule for Subot and agents

2. Subot responds when agent offline / out of business hours

  • Step 1: Install the script for Subot
+ Greeting user, notification that agent in a state of offline, ask customer requests.
+ Display in a state of typing the message.
+ Invite users to receive notifications and leave contact information.
Set up implementation script for Subot
  • Step 2: Install 2 rules
+ Rule 1 distributes conversations for available agents when the agent online.
+ Rule 2 distributes the conversation to Subot and Agent who in charge Subiz chat when out of business hours.
Set up Rule when Agent online and offline