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Installing Subiz on Websites

What is Subiz Chat?

Subiz Chat is a live chat platform that allows you to reach your customers directly from your website. After integrating Subiz with your website, you can successfully communicate, follow and convert visitors into customers.

How to integrate Subiz with your website

To add Subiz Widget to your website, you copy the embed code and paste it before the closing <body> tag on the website code. Please carefully follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1: Get the embed code.

To get the embed code, you sign in Subiz via > Settings > Channels > Subiz chat > Set up website.
Here you choose "Copy code" to place on your website
Kindly note: Should you change your Subiz account, please replace the corresponding embed code on your website as well.
Step 2: Add the embed code to the website
You can integrate Subiz easily with most platforms such as Shopify, Wix or Magento.
After copying the code, you place it on any pages where you want the Subiz Widget to display. Subiz code must be pasted before </body> tag.
Place embed code into website
Kindly note: In case you are not familiar with this, you are recommended to ask for the designer’s support. Simply, you just need to put their email address into “Send this code to your webmaster”. Subiz will automatically send them a detailed guide on how to integrate with your website.
Step 3: Check out the widget on your website
After finishing integration, return to your home page, the Subiz widget will display in the right-hand corner.
In case you cannot see the Subiz widget, please double check if the code has been placed in the right position or contact us at [email protected].

Integrate Subiz via Google Tag Manager

Subiz works closely with Google Tag Manage
An easy way to add the service to your website is through Google Tag Manager according to the steps below:
  • Sign in at
  • Select website account which will integrate Subiz chat at All account
  • Create new Tag: At WORKSPACE, select Tags> NEW
Create new Tag
  • Untitled Tag: Label the tag to understand how it works
  • Tag Configuration: Select tag type: Custom HTML> Copy the embed code Subiz and paste it into the HTML box
  • Tick (choose) Support document.write
  • Triggering: Select All Pages if you want to display the Subiz chat window on all pages of the website
Tag Subiz chat on Google Tag Manager
Kindly note: The Trigger aims to show how the Subiz Tag works. You can customize the Trigger according to your own needs. For examples:
  • All Pages will display the Subiz chat window.
  • Only some pages will display the Subiz chat window.
  • When visitors have a specific event such as a pageview, a click on a button, a form submission, .... the Subiz chat will be displayed.
  • Select SAVE > select SUBMIT in the right corner > Enter the description in Publish and Create Version > select PUBLISH to complete.
Now, go to the website and reload the page (F5), then check the display of Subiz chat on your website.
We are here for you help. Let us know if you have any questions via email [email protected]