Integrating Facebook Messenger with Subiz

Facebook Messenger is one of the channels of Subiz. After integrating Messenger with Subiz, you can receive and reply to messages from Fan Page(s) right on Subiz Dashboard..
Kindly note:
  • You can add multiple fan pages to Subiz at the same time, which is convenient to reply to users’ messages and manage the data.
  • You can choose one or any fan pages to integrate with Subiz.

3 Steps to integrate Messenger with Subiz:

Step 1: Connect to a Fan page

Step 2: Login your Facebook account

Log in your Facebook account in which you are the admin of the fan pages.
Kindly Note: Only those who play the role as Admin, Moderator or Writer are allowed to connect to the Fan page with Subiz.
Pop-up to log in your Facebook account with Subiz

Step 3: Choose the Fan page you want to integrate with Subiz

Subiz is allowed to manage your pages, send messages from your pages at any time since the first message and show the page lists you manage.
You are granted to integrate some or all fan pages with Subiz:
  • To connect all pages with Subiz, you just need to select OK
Choose what you allow Subiz
  • To connect some out of your pages with Subiz, you click What Pages do you want to use with Subiz? > All pages > Tick the ones you want to integrate with Subiz < then Save
Choose Pages connected on Subiz

Integrate Facebook messenger successfully

Once Messenger has been successfully integrated, the list of Fan Pages connected to Subiz will display as below:

Some tips using Facebook Messenger on Subiz

1. How to receive and reply to messages from the Fan page.

You will receive and reply to messages from the Fan page on the CONVERSATIONS.
Rapidly, you will see a couple of information including the first message, the fan page name and conversation history (if have).

2. Connect to a new Fanpage on Subiz

To integrate more Fan pages with Subiz, you go to Messenger Settings > click Connect to a fan page > Continue > Edit Settings to select the fan pages connected to Subiz > Continue to complete.

3. Remove Fan pages connected to Subiz

You have 2 options to completely remove the fan pages which have been added to Subiz and you will no longer receive any new messages from those pages.
Option 1: Remove Facebook page(s) from Subiz
Option 2: Remove Subiz from Facebook page
  • Case 1: If you want to delete all Facebook Pages on Subiz, please follow these steps:
> Log in your Facebook account
> Settings > click Business Integrations > Remove Subiz.
Remove Subiz on Business Integrations
  • Case 2: If you just want to delete some the Fan pages on Subiz, please follow these steps:
> Log in your Facebook account
> Go to the Fan page you want to delete
> Settings > Messenger Platform
> Uninstall Subiz > Confirm
Uninstall Subiz on Messenger Platform of Page
Let's know if you have any questions or concerns. Chat online on or email to [email protected].