Integrating Messenger Facebook on Subiz

Facebook Messenger is one of channels of Subiz communication platform. When integrating Messenger into Subiz, you can receive and reply to users messages from Fanpage(s) right on Subiz Dashboard.


  • Connect to multiple-Fanpages into Subiz, conveniently reply users messages and easily manage users data.

  • Actively select a single Fanpage or many Fanpage of your own Fanpages, which you want to work and manage on Subiz.

3 Steps to integrate Messenger on Subiz :

Step 1: Connect to Fanpape

Log in > Setting > Acount > Messenger > Connect to a Fanpage

Connect to a Fanpage

Step 2: Log in your Facebook account to use with Subiz.

Pop-up appears. You can log in to use your Facebook account with Subiz.

Note: Person with page roles as Admin, Editor, Moderator is allowed to connect to Fanpage on Subiz

Pop-up to log in your Facebook account with Subiz

Step 3: Choose Fanpage you want to connect on Subiz

Subiz would like to manage your Pages, send messages from Pages you manage, send messages from Pages you manage at any time after the first user interaction and show a list of the Pages you manage.

Choose what you allow Subiz

Choose to connect a single Fanpage or all Fanpage on Subiz

Choose Pages connected on Subiz

Successful Messenger integration

Once Messenger has been successfully integrated, the list of Fanpages connected to Subiz will display as follows:

List of Fanpages on Subiz

Some tips with Facebook Messenger on Subiz

1. How to reply users messages from a Fanpage

To reply to a new income message from a user, go to tab ACTIVITIES and see where your user is from.

To reply new income messages from Fanpage

2. Connect to new Fanpage on Subiz

To add a new Fanpage on Subiz, you need to remove Subiz on Business Integrations on your Facebook account, then follow 3 steps of Messenger integration as above.

Remove Subiz on Business Integrations

3. Delete the fanpage you have connected to Subiz

You need to take two steps to completely remove Fanpage connection on Subiz and not to receive new messages from that Fanpage.

Step 1: Delete Fanpage on Subiz

Delete Fanpage on Subiz

Step 2: Delete Subiz on Fanpage

  • If you want to delete all Fanpages on Subiz, you should do as followings: Log in your Facebook account > Settings > click Business Integrations > select Remove Subiz

Remove Subiz on Business Integrations
  • If you want to delete only one of Fanpages on Subiz, you do as followings: Log in your Facebook account > Go to your Fanpage you want to delele on Subiz > Click Settings of Fanpage > Click Messenger Platform > Select "Uninstall" Subiz > Confirm for done.

Uninstall Subiz on Messenger Platform of Page

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