Business information

Business information is the basic information, helping Subiz to easy to contact and support you better.
To provide and edit the basic information of your company, please log into your Subiz account, go to Settings> Accounts> General settings.
Update business information
After that, please fill in the Business’s information below:
  • Business Name: The brand name of the business
  • Address: Business address
  • City / Town: Enterprise City is located
  • National: National enterprises are doing business
  • Time Zone: The business time zone, which helps the system determine the business time frame
  • Primary language: The primary language of the account, which is automatically defined when the account holder subscribes to Subiz. Help Subiz determine the language of the email sent to the business
  • Phone number: Business contact phone number
  • Zip Code: The postal code of the locality of the business
  • Tax ID: The tax code of the enterprise
  • Social Network: Enter links that associate to your social networking sites.
After filling in the information, click Save to save changes.