Add Tags to a conversation

Subiz Tag is a feature that enables Agents to add Tags to a conversation, which help them to manage, follow and classify all conversations.

This instruction will help agent know how to create and utilize this feature.

Create a new Tag

To create a new Tag, go to Setting > Account > Tag > New Tag

New Tag

Agents can Add more Tags to classify conversations efficiently.

Create a new Tag

Tags are displayed in the Tag list as follow:

Tag List

Add a Tag

In a conversation, to add a tag, Agent click to the Tag symbol, select a Tag in the Tag list and save

Add a new Tag

After successfully tagging, the bottom of the conversation will display the following message:

Tag is added successfully


  • Agents can add Tags to a conversation in all channels

  • Agent can add more than one Tag in a conversation

  • Agent can tag even when the conversation is ended

Remove a Tag

To remove a Tag, click on "x " symbol of the selected Tag and save

Remove a Tag

Tag Report

Agent can count the number of tags according to channel, time, Tag name ... in Reports

Tag Statistic

To manage Tags efficiently, you can read more on Tag report Instruction