Interact on Email

Once Email forwarding setting is enabled, you can read income email and reply directly to your leads from

How to send email to user

You will be able to proactively send a email to user (create a new conversation on Email channel) as the following guide:

1. Update User email address
2. Create new Email Conversation
3. Compose Email

Choose User > Fill Email Address > Save changes

Update User Email Address

Choose User > Click New Conversation > Choose Email

Creat new Email Conversation

Email box opens > Choose email address From, To, CC > Add Subject > Enter message > Click Send

Compose Email

How to reply user’s email

On LIST ACTIVITIES of User, you will know Email conversation via Icon Email and Email Subject

To reply to a single email: select Email unread > click Reply button > Type message > Click Send

Some Useful Functions On Subiz Email

1.Support HTML Email

2. Customize the text font

3. Insert the link directly into the text or image

4. Attach a document or image file

5. Tag Email conversation

Subiz Tag allows you to add tags for each conversation, which makes it easy for agents to categorize and manage customers interactions.

How to add tag to Email Conversation: Click Tag button > Select Tag name > Save

See more Tag Setting at this link