Interact on Messenger

After successfully finishing Facebook Messenger integration, you will easily answer messages on Fanpage Facebook from

On LIST ACTIVITIES, Subiz will display the Messenger and Fanpage name, helping you to identify where user is from.

Identify Messenger channel on Subiz app

With Messenger channel, only when your Fanpage user proactively sends messages first, you (Agent Subiz) can reply messages and then create a new Messenger conversation.

How to Interact on Subiz Messenger

1. Reply to Messenger messages
2. End Messenger conversation
3. Create New Conversation
1. Reply to Messenger messages

To reply to a new income message from a user: Select User > Click unread message > Chat window opens and type messages here

Reply to Messenger message
2. End Messenger conversation

End the conversation after supporting User: Select End Chat button > Confirm End

End Messenger conversation
3. Create New Conversation

Select User > Select New Conversation> Select Messenger > Select Fanpage name > Chat window opens and type message here

Create New Messenger Conversation

Some useful functions on Subiz Messenger

1. Manage multi-Fanpages on Subiz app

When you are an administrator of several fanpages, Subiz will help you easily interact and effectively manage users on each page.

Connect Subiz to multi-Fanpages

2. Use canned responses

Canned responses is a set of ready-made messages templates that helps you to reply your customers quickly and efficiently.

To reply messages with canned responses, type “/shortcut” in the chat box and hit Enter

Use Canned Response to reply

Each Agent is allowed to create and manage their own canned responses. See how to create Canned Response.

3. Tag Messenger Conversation

Subiz Tag allows you to add tags for each conversation, which makes it easy for agents to categorize and manage customers interactions.

How to add tag to Messenger Conversation: Click Tag button > Select Tag name > Save

Tag Messenger Conversation

See more Tag Setting at this link

4. Rule automatically assigns conversation

Rule is used to automatically assign conversations to a specific Agent or Agent group.

How to create Rule that will assign Messenger conversation to one Agent: SETTING > ACCOUNT > Rule> New Rule > Fill information as shown in the image > Click Creat Rule

Rule Setting for Messenger Conversation

5. Add Agent to join the conversation

When you need to involve a teammate in a conversation, you can add Agent to join the conversation and support user.

To Add Agent: Click the Add Agent button > Choose Agent > Click Add

Add Agent to join conversation

Only assigned agent can add another Agent to the conversation.

6. Use emoji icon and upload file

In the chat box, you can choose to send Emoji icon or Upload file

Use emoji icon and upload file