Interact on Subiz Chat

Interaction on the Subiz Chat channel is to initiate a conversation between Agent and website visitors. They are customers who are interested in learning about your products, services and Business information.
You need to sign up for to start online and be ready to chat with your customers.

Start new conversation

There are 2 ways to have a conversation with visitors:
  1. 1.
    When Visitor starts a new conversation.
  2. 2.
    When Agent starts a new conversation.
When Visitor starts a new conversation
When Agent starts a new conversation
When Visitor starts a new conversation
Once you integrate Subiz, visitors can get in touch to ask you questions via Subiz chat widget
Visitor sends messages on Subiz widget
To read and reply to new messages: Click ACTIVITIES tab > Choose User with unread message > Chat window opens to read and reply
Reply message
If you do not receive a message from a visitor, review RULE setting to automatically assign new messages to you (Agent).
Look on tab VISITORS to see what visitors are interested in and then proactively interact with them.
Visitor activities
To create a new conversation with a website visitor, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Go to tab VISITORS > Choose a Website Vistor
  2. 2.
    Click New Conversation > Choose Subiz Chat
  3. 3.
    Chat widget opens and type messages here.
Create a new conversation
When a visitor or user sends a new message, you will be notified through desktop notification at the right bottom of your screen and sound notification.
Destop Notification
When not receiving the notification, please set up your web browser to allow Subiz of sound and screen notification.

Add Agent to join the conversation

When you need to involve a teammate in a conversation, you can add Agent to join the conversation and support user.
To Add Agent: Click Add Agent button > Choose Agent > Click Add
Add Agent
Note: Only assigned agent can add another agent to the conversation.

Use canned responses

Canned responses is a set of ready-made messages templates that helps you to reply your customers quickly and efficiently. Each Agent is allowed to create and manage their own canned responses
Create a new Canned Response
How to use Canned Responses
Sample response creation guide:
Set up Canned Response
2. Select New Canned Response > Type message template and Shortcut > Click Create to finish.
New Canned Response
You can check box "Share this response with other agents” so that other agents can use this canned response.
Manual answer library: To reply with canned responses, type “shortcut” in the chat box and press enter.
Reply message with Canned Response

Use emoji icon and upload file

In the chat box, you can choose to send Emoji icon or Upload file.
Use Emoji or Upload file

Tag Conversation

Subiz Tag allows you to add tags for each conversation, which makes it easy for agents to categorize and manage users interactions.
Create new tag
Add Tag to conversation
Remove Tag
Tags Setting
2. Fill Tag Name > click Create
New Tag name
Click Tag button > Select Tag name > Save
Add Tag
Simply click (X) icon on the Tags to remove them from a conversation.
Remove Tag

End the conversation

A conversation will be ended by Visitor or Agent.
Agent ends conversation
Visitor ends conversation
Agent: Click End Chat button > Confirm END to end this conversation. Visitor will receive a notification that the agent has finished the conversation.
Agent end chat
User and Agent will receive a notification of ending conversation. The chat box will be grayed out and can not be typed. To continue chatting, you need to create a new conversation.
Conversation End
Click “+” icon on Subiz widget > Select End Chat

Block user

Agent can block one user as follows: On chat window, select Block button > turn ON Block this person
Block user
When selecting "Block this person" function: