Message template

Enhance service quality and consistency in conversations by setting up appropriate and well-vetted messages.
Message template is all new and styles messages with Text, Image, File, and Product. Agent will shorten time with quick message template, reduce the waiting time of users and improve the quality of the conversation.
Each Agent has the right to create message template on multi channels like Subiz chat, Email,...and set privacy as Public to let all agents use this template or Private just for your own use.
Message template

How to create new message template

How to create new message template: Go to Message Template > Select channel> Type your message > Enter shortcuts for this template to easily search and send users > Choose Privacy: Public or Private > Select Create to complete
Here's an example of creating a new message template on Subiz chat channel.
In the section CREATE NEW MESSAGE TEMPLATE. there are 3 main areas:
  • (1) Display message content
  • (2 + 3) Type or upload message content: Agent can choose style of message template like text, image, file, product or add multiple message styles in one message template at the same time.
  • (4) Enter shortcut, choose privacy and create for done.
Create new message template on Subiz chat

1. Add Text

Text Message wil be default. Agent can type message content, add emoticons, and insert user attribute as Fullname, Emails, Phone, ... to make users feel personal.
Below message content, agent can add button such as Block, page URL, Phone Call.

2. Add a photo

Agent can add up to 10 images in one message template.
The list of images is displayed as a slide, with the icon to move previous or next image, or click on the thumbnail list below to view all uploaded images.

3. Add File

Add files in messages template such as PDF (.pdf), DOC (.docs), EXEL (.xlxs), ... Users can view directly the file like Audio, Image, Video on Subiz widget.

4. Add Products

Agent can add up to 10 products in one message template. The product list will show as a slideshow of your product and thumbnail including product name, description and price.
Note: Agent need to create a product in setting page of Product.
Agent can click on the product image or product name to access the product page link and view detailed information of the product on your website.

How to use message templates

When a new message template is created successfully, agent can use the message template in each conversation with users.
For example on Subiz chat channel, Agent has two ways of using the message template:
  • Option 1: In type message box, click on icon + and select message template to display the list of message templates > Scroll to select message template > Enter to send
Add message template
  • Option 2: In type message box, start with /shortcut and select message template > Enter to send
Add message template

Some pointers for using message template

  • Email templates can created by visual text or HTML: Use HTML code to create creative and impressive email templates.
  • Short message template and go straight to the problem: Users always want to be quick to be solved their problems. Please send a short message, and answer user's problem correctly.
  • Be personal: With user attribute and emoji , you can make user feel personal and and show that you actually listen to your user.
  • Easy-to-remember shortcut: The message template is often used in certain cases such as greetings, thanks, promo offer or sale-off, product, ... Create easy-to-remember shortcuts to make it easy to find what you need.
  • Change message template time to time: Keep your messate template up to date, especially with the changes of product or promo offer.