Ticket for professtional customer service on Subiz

Ticket Subiz helps to handle all users conversations from multiple channels like Subiz chat, Email, Messenger into a single place. Since then, your business can track and manage user satisfaction and team performance.

How ticket works on Subiz

1. Convert to ticket

From a user conversation over channels like Subiz chat, Email, Messenger, etc., agent can convert to a ticket to record and track the process of customer support.
Convert to ticket
Agent will set and classify ticket according to the following data:
  • Priority: Urgent, High, Medium, Low
  • Status: Open, Pending, Resolved, Closed
  • Due date: Due date of a new ticket will default to ticket SLA, then you can change due date.
  • Assigness: is the agent assigned for conversation, will handle ticket. Assigness can add more other agents in ticket.
  • Note: Briefly summarize the problem or request of user
Fill information on ticket

2. Ticket management

A converted ticket will display notification right on the conversation.
Agent will come to Tickets segment to keep track of ticket list and filter tickets by GROUP, STATUS, etc. to prioritize processing of customer support.
Manage tickets list
Agent can customize ticket data and update Ticket Status.
Update ticket data