Automatic interaction

What is automatic interaction?

Automatic interaction is action to communicate with customer automatically, such as capturing the customer's attention as soon as they visit the website and automatically follow the customer via different channels on Subiz.

What is the meaning of automatic interaction?

It helps to automate business operations, set up multiple workflows and automate customer interaction campaigns ... Thereby increasing customer interaction, increasing customer experience and business efficiency. Particularly, you no longer need to rely too much on the presence of staffs.

Instructions to set up Automatic Interaction

In this automatic Interaction Guide, Subiz has provided detailed instructions regarding setting up Automation, such as automatically sending customer interaction messages, how to ask for customer information, how to get attention and inspires guests, as well as the pursuit, customer care from many channels right on Subiz.
Specific guidelines will be available at:
  • A guide to creating new automation, including conditions and actions.
  • Some common automations that you can apply:
  • Here are some automation applications that helps you to operate your business automatically