Capture Leads

Potential customers are those who are in demand for products and services you offer. Subiz will help you identify and generate leads with powerful Automation - Capture Leads.

Particularly, Subiz allows you to create additional user attributes to collect and manage your own user information. From there, you will be able to draw a clear picture of your target customers clearly and effectively.

Create New Automation - Capture Leads

Sign in > Settings > Account > Automation > Create New Automation

For example: Automation Capture Leads - Ask user info including of Full name, telephone number, email address as follows:

Create new Automation - Capture Leads
  • Status: ON

  • Automation Name and Description: Fill information to help you identify and understand the purpose of Automation setting

  • Condition: There are several conditions to set Automation active

  • Select channel: Subiz chat

  • Action: Capture Lead

  • From: Select Agent name

  • Select "Require users to finish the form before sending messages"

  • Add more condition to ask user

Create more user attributes

Subiz allows you to create additional user attributes to collect leads of own business. From there, you will have a clear picture of target customers of own bussiness clearly and effectively.

Detailed guides are as follows:

Step 1: Create new attribute

Setting > Account > User attributes > New attribute > Fill information in form > Create

Create new attribute

Note: Attribute key needs to be written with the normal letters, underscore between each letter and without any special characters. For example: subscription_plan

Step 2: The new attributes will automatically updated into one of Automation conditions and user info.

Update new attribute in Automation condition

Step 3: Create Automation - Capture leads to ask for the new attribute information

Automation - Capture Leads to ask subscription plan

Some useful tips for Automation - Capture leads

  1. Subiz allows you create unlimited number of Automation

2. Capture lead acts after the first message of user

3. User answer of Capture lead will be automatically updated and saved in user info

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