Email Automation to send email to users

Email gives the great opportunity to re-engage users and increase purchase frequency. You can send emails to build relationship with users before or after purchasing, promote a product or service, introduce new products, announce incentive programs.

With Subiz, you can set Email Automation to maket it automatical and simple to send emails to the right users.

1. How will Email Automation work?

Email Automation will automatically send emails to the right users immediately after setting. Users who have email addresses and meet the set-up conditions will receive an email automation.

Example: All users who have email addresses will be sent an email automation for new update.

2. Create new Email Automation

To create new Automation: Sign in to> Setting > Account > Automation > New Automation

And do 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in set-up information

Fill in set-up information of new Automation


  • STATUS: turn ON

  • Automation Name and Description: Give your Automation a clear, easy-to-understand name. This will help you distinguish your Automations from each other as you create more of them.

  • CONDITION: These are the conditions for performing the email action to users. For example, all user who have email addresses will be sent an announcement email of new feature.

  • SELECT CHANNEL: select Email

  • ACTION: Select Send email to user

  • Step 2: Enter your message to send to users

Enter your message of Email Automation


  • From: choose From name, choose From email which

  • Enter your email subject: Great subject lines are brief and more likely to click through to see what you are proposing.

  • Message details: You can create HTML email for your creation.

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