Block a User

While interacting with customers on Subiz, you may encounter some annoying users who have impolite attitude or behavior that affects badly on your business. How do you prevent these users from sending email/ messages to the business? The following article will give you some specific instructions.

How to block a user?

You can block a user by 2 ways:

  • Block a user on tab ACTIVITIES

In the conversation, you can block the user by clicking the icon in the right corner of the screen and turning ON the Block button

Block Users Directly
  • Block a user in Blacklist

Blacklist is a list of users that you have blocked. To add to this list, go to Setting / Account / Blacklist / Block. Here you just copy the IP address, Email or ID of the user who you want to block.

Block IP
Block Email
Block ID

Every user connecting to the internet has an IP address. You can enter IP addresses into BlackList to block this User.

Block IP

However, in the case of many users sharing the same IP, this block will prevent the remaining users. For example, in case the Subiz Team is using an IP of, if this IP is blocked, all computers in the Subiz Office will not see the widget displayed on the

IP address blocking is performed when you want to block users via the Subiz Chat channel. This user will not see the Widget on the website.

After entering the email of the user you want to block, all mail sent from this address is blocked.

Block Email

Note: Email Blocking is used when you want to block interactions via email channel.

Every user connecting to Subiz is given a code and called User ID. What you need to do is copy the ID of the user you want to block in Activities tab and paste into the block:

Block ID

This is the most accurate and comprehensive way to block a user via all channels such as Email, Subiz Chat, Messenger.

How to get the User ID: Click on a User in the Activities tab, get the URL and copy the line as follows:

How to get User ID

Manage Blacklist

To keep track of the list of blocked users as well as block history, you can log in the Blacklist

Spam List
Block User

This is the list of Blocked ID, Email and IP

Spam List

This is a list of Blocked users, Agents block and Time block

Block User

Unblock a user

There are 2 ways to unblock a user as follow:

  • Unblock directly on the Activities page: From the ACTIVITIES tab -> Find User and disable Block User.

  • Unblock in Blacklist: In BlackList, click on the remove icon remove block for the user you want to unblock.

Unblock an Agent

What happens when you block a User?

  • On Subiz Chat Channel: The user will not see the chat widget and can not create a conversation or send a message.

  • On Email Channel: The email of user will be blocked at Subiz Core. That mail will not be shown to the Agent.

  • On Messenger Channel: Messages are blocked on the Subiz Core and are not visible to the Agent (Note: The message still exists and is displayed if the user uses Fanpage admin)

  • Avatar of Blocked User will be displayed as follow

Avatar of Blocked User