Refund policy

In the process of using Subiz, depending on your business situation and development strategy, you can change your account information at any time to suit your needs.

Trial period

After registering a new Subiz account, you will be able to fully utilize Subiz's features within 30 days to experience the service before deciding to upgrade your account.
You will not lose any costs during this trial period.
When you decide to upgrade your account, you need to specify the agent number, billing cycle and service plan. Payment will be completed at the beginning of the billing cycle.
We do not have a refund policy - this is a policy for all customers - and you will be responsible for all payments made by the account your own.
Downgrade your account to the free plan You can downgrade your account to the free plan at any time at the PAYMENT page.
After completing the account downgrade to the free package, your account will use the free service package (See details for free plan).
Your previous payment will be lost and not refundable. You are solely responsible for unilaterally ending your account. Subiz is not responsible for paying the end of the account before the expiry date.
For more information about the service, you can find out the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
If you have questions and need assistance, please send your request via [email protected]