How to change Subscription information?

During your payment period, you can change your subscription information at any time in order to match your needs.

Upgrade your account

  • Upgrade from Free plan to Standard or Advanced plan
If your account is in free plan, to upgrade your account, go to page PAYMENT > Choose a plan that fits you as Standard or Advanced > Choose the number of Agents > Select Billing Cycle, either monthly or yearly > Click SUBSCRIPTION NOW to provide your credit card for payment.
Upgrade to Standard Plan
  • Upgrade from a Standard plan to Advanced plan
If you want to upgrade from Standard plan to Advanced plan, click More > Change Plan > Choose Advanced > Select UPGRADE NOW
Upgrade to Advanced Plan
After upgrading your account, the system will create invoices in your account. You can choose to pay by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer

Downgrade Account

  • Downgrade account
To downgrade your account, you click on Your Plan, and then click on Downgrade
Downgrade to Standard Plan

Change number of Agents

Purchase more Agents
To add more agents, you can click on Purchase more Agents then select the number of additional agents.
Purchase more agent
Reduce Agents
To reduce Agents, you click on More, then select the number of agents to reduce.
Reduce Agent

Change Billing Cycle

To change the billing cycle, you click on Change billing cycle, then select the suitable billing cycle.
Change Billing Cycle

Downgrade to Free Package

Depend on your business situation, you can downgrade your account to free or upgrade at anytime.
Downgrade to Free Package

Update payment method

You can edit the payment's information such as adding another credit card, changing payment methods via credit card or bank transfer, ...
To update payment method, head to the page PAYMENT and follow these steps:
  • Use credit card to pay for Subiz subscription: 1. Click Add card > Fill in your credit or debit card > make sure you have already selected Make Primary > Choose Finish. 2. Turn ON - Auto Charge
Use credit card to pay for Subiz
  • Remove a credit card and pay via Bank transfer 1. Click Update payment method > choose Edit Credit Card > Remove mark at Make Primary. 2. Send email to [email protected] for bank account details provided by Subiz.
Remove payment via Credit card
Note: Please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] for further support.