How Subiz to charge?

Subiz operates under the SAAS (software as a service ) model

Subiz operates under the SAAS (software as a service ) model, providing software as a service, allowing the buyer to pay a fee based on a monthly or annual billing cycles. This includes software licenses, support fees and most other costs .
Subiz is a prepaid subscriber so you can choose payment period as like: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.
With long payment period, you will get a 30% discount.

Refer to Subiz's price list

Service Packages Subiz Subiz has two paid plan: Standard and Advanced. Both plan do not limit the number of conversations and the number of interactive users. The difference between the two packages is the difference in the number of features offered. Depending on the size of your Subiz deployment, you will select the appropriate service package.
Standard Plan
Advanced Plan
Limit the number of actions Automatic interaction of Automation: - 20,000 messages per month. - 10,000 emails per month. - 20,000 times webhook per month.
Limit the number of actions Automatic interaction of Automation: - 50,000 messages per month. - 30,000 emails per month - 50,000 times webhook / month
Use up to 3 Rule distributions of user
Unlimited Rule Distribution User conversations
Do not install the User Segment feature
Installed 20 User Segments
Basic Plan to meet the needs of the enterprise is managing a certain set of customers and No need to distribute customer conversations to the consultant.
Advanced Plan suitable for Business that would like to segment multiple target user groups to manage and use multiple agent in a variety of ways.

How to choose the suitable Subiz service package?

Every user who using Subiz will have a account for their own, also known as an agent. Cost for 1 agent - Standard Plan - billing cycle 1 month is about 261,862 VND.
The business calculates the work item and the number of personnel needed to work on Subiz to select enough agents. At the same time, depending on the time and business plan, businesses will choose short or long billing cycle to get the best incentives of Subiz as well as reduce the risk in business.
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