Subiz overview

What is Subiz?

Subiz is a communication customer platform that brings high revenue.
Business can interact with their customers right on Subiz. Interactive data which is aggregated on Subiz will help you understand the customer personal and implement interactive marketing strategies for customer care and retention effectively.

Benefits and Values of Subiz

Subiz supports businesses on marketing, sales, customer care and business operations
Consumers often look for information and have demand for your brand on Website, Facebook, Email, ... at any time, so you can use Subiz to:
  • Improving the quality of customer service: Always ready to support customers anytime, anywhere; speed up the response and get the history of conversations with customers.
  • Optimizing marketing capabilities: Segment leads automatically and send automated email marketing to the right target customers.
  • Improving customer conversion rates: Capture the needs of users, proactively reach and increase sales opportunities.
  • Managing customer data effectively: Integrate customer interaction history and resolve customer support issues accurately.
As such, Subiz is all you need to interact and manage customers without using other applications. All done right on Subiz's Dashboard.

How Subiz works?

Subiz is a tool to support you reach, sell and manage your customers from multiple channels right on Subiz's Dashboard.
Subiz's Dashboard
Here, you can track where customers are coming from, actively interacting and pursuing customers on Website, Facebook, Email, Zalo, …
Businesses can increase customer conversion rates and sales by:
  • Gathering customer information and implementing automated marketing strategies with Automation
  • Segmenting and managing your leads through Segment
  • Delivering conversations to Agents and managing Agent's activities through Rule

Terms and definitions

As you're getting started on Subiz, there are some common terms that are handy for you to know. Here's an overview of Subiz basics.
Who sign in Subiz account to make interaction with customers, or set up and manage account. Agent can be a manager, supporter or any person in your staff.
Who visit your website
Who visit your website and connect you via Subiz
Conversation among Agents and Users in any channel
The channel you use to interact with customers: Subiz Chat, Email, Messenger, Zalo …
Use rule to automatically assign incoming message to specific agent(s) or team.
Segment is a subset of users defined by condition(s)
Auto message or action sent based on certain conditions